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There are times when people tend to forget what brought them to that situation and the purpose of being there.

What I have learned is, no matter how high you soar you’d always find your self on the ground.

Don’t let fame, success, and pride eat you.

Remember that you have an audience watching and waiting for you to fall.

Be an inspiration, when you tumble people will snag you.

Then you’ll realize what your purpose is.





Hey You!

Dear You,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I have overcome my fear of losing someone whom I thought would stay in my life in-spite of the conflicts and drama that we had. I am pretty sure that you still remember how bad my situation was 5 months ago. If only you’d see me now, you will notice how better I am.

Right after the break-up, I surround myself with people. Not just an ordinary people, they are the “chosen few” who were there during my downturn. They were all there to listen and weigh my endless rants about what I had gone through. Of course you were there too, I didn’t have to write my gushes to you few months ago because I know that you’re just there watching me, waiting for the right time. You knew that I would get over it soon.

Now my next step is to go back where I left my self off and so I can start anew. There are a lot of things that I need to focus on. First, I have to really work hard to sustain all my needs and so as my family’s. Second, is to go back to school again, I missed 2 terms already because of my silliness. Third, is to save for my future. These are the only few things I want to focus on so far. Please remind me in case I befuddled again.

I can’t believe that I am writing you all these. I must have matured enough through life experience. Well, it’s a good sign that life has finally taught me to stand on my own and live by my own choices, choices that I really have to ponder a million times before acting on it. So maybe this is it for tonight, I will update you soon.



Not your typical Trolley Dolly

During an in-flight or ground emergency everyone that’s on the plane has his or her own vital role when it comes to evacuation. Whether you‘re a passenger or a crew member, you’d save your loved ones, your stuff like suitcases or bags that contain your travel documents, and of course yourself. But for the crew on board, they risk their lives just to save others first. They make sure that everyone have evacuated before them.

Cabin crew are trained to save lives in situations like ground evacuation, in-flight emergencies, ditching, treat injured passengers, provide first-aid, restrain unruly passengers, fight a fire and a lot of stuff. These are the things that passengers don’t know about their cabin crew on board. What most passengers discern is that a cabin crew is just a trolley dolly who knows nothing but glam and frill. Most of them get yelled at when a passenger didn’t get what they expected to receive from their trolley dolly and some gets physically abused. Like what happened to one of the flights of a budget airline in the Philippines Cebupacific Air.

Now little by little flight attendants from all over the world are speaking up about how some of the passengers misbehave on the plane and how to handle as such. And with the help of social media, I am hoping that this would serve as the right medium to convey a clearer message as to how flight attendants should be treated.

To our Dearest guest, customers, or passengers please be kind and respectful to your cabin crew on board. We are here to help you in almost everything and anything you need aboard the aircraft. We are not paid to just push a food cart and offer you f&b. We are after your safety and your security. Your plane ticket only takes you to your destination and It doesn’t entitle you to abuse us and eat our brains. At the end of the day it is us whom you’d be running towards to in case of emergency. We don’t need another tragedy just for you to understand these things. I hope that this is clear enough!

Moving on..

Hats off to all crew and ground personnel who did everything to save all passengers aboard Emirates flight EK521 at Dubai International Airport yesterday 3 August 2016. And to the firefighter who died on duty, may you rest in peace.

Note: Photo not mine; credits to aescabincrew.com



7 Years in the Making

Well, a lot of people would complain about waiting in line. Even I had the same experience and I believe that a lot of us have already had a fair share in this. This could be literally a wait in the queue, a wait for a delayed transport, delayed parcel, and even a long wait for your favorite pizza! But I am not talking about these kind of things.

Year 2007 when I took my first step to apply as a cabin crew. One Sunday morning, I saw an advertisement of the largest low cost carrier in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air. I went to their office and showed up for the assessment. You have no idea how scared I was! My heart didn’t even stop from pounding inside my chest. Anyhow, I tried my very best to compose my self and be confident. The process went on, I was able to pass every stage and was asked to go for a swim test! Yes! You read it right. They used to ask every candidates to complete that test to proceed for the next round.

Unfortunately I got drowned. The next thing I knew, the lifeguard of that club house where the swim test was held dragged and pulled me out of the swimming pool. It was really disappointing, I wanted to vanish instantly because of embarrassment . What did they say? “I am so sorry you did not pass this time.” Obviously I drowned and who ever drowns won’t even have a slice of it! Come on!

Becoming a cabin crew was not easy for me, I know a lot of people who have tried and got it in one shot. Lucky them! I even went to an open day held in the Philippines of both Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines. The only authorized placement agency providing pool of applicants to both airlines is IPAMS (Industrial Personnel and Management Services Inc.). Upon screening, I was told to wait for a call. A call that up until now I haven’t received, lol.

Summer of 2009, I was in Singapore and I didn’t let the opportunity to pass without going to the open day for Qatar Airways. It was the first OD I have attended to outside the Philippines. And the huge crowd nearly 400 people from different countries filled the hall of Hilton. They might be working from different Airlines who currently having layover in Singapore. Or perhaps they really flew there just to attend the OD. Just like a friend whom I met there, he flew all the way from the Philippines. Guess what? He got through and I didn’t. I told you, it was not easy for me.

Back in 2010, I returned to the Philippines from Singapore where I used to work as a call center agent in one of the insurance providers. I desperately wanted to fly and become a cabin crew but none of the airlines that I applied to hired me. I gave IPAMS a call to follow up for the application I did back in 2008. I was advised that Etihad Airways considered my application and wanted me to attend the OD but they couldn’t get through because I have already disposed that number since the time I moved to Singapore for work. I finally got the answer why I didn’t get a call. LOL (stupid alert). Moving on, I was advised to go for Emirates Airlines OD which I went and have tried. Unfortunately the guy who assessed my application told me that I don’t have a cabin crew quality, and that made me disqualified and unfit for the job.

I felt humiliated because coming from a person who didn’t even work neither for the airline nor as a cabin crew would tell people who is qualified or not. But later I realized what happened. There was a time when I told myself that he could be right. He just wanted me to stop dreaming and move on, and to realize that cabin crew job is not for me. I won’t give up my ambition to fly. I gave up my dream to become a pilot so I really have to make my ambition to fly happen by all means. hahaha. He just made me realize how important this is for me! Thanks to you Mr. Assessor who happened to be the father of my ex-colleague 🙂

I moved to the Middle East in 2010 thinking that it is going to be easier for me since Airline companies in this region take people all over the world. I have had a couple of tries. I attempted and had been to a lot of OD’s of Qatar Airways but not with Emirates Airlines. I found out that the time when I applied and was told that I am not qualified, that was the last batch of recruitment in the Philippines. Since then they stopped hiring Filipinos. I could say that I have applied to all of the Airlines in the UAE and only Air Arabia and Etihad have contacted me.

You should never be surprised when I tell you that I tried three times to apply for Air Arabia and was rejected and in 2014, I was invited by Etihad Airways for an assessment day but again, rejected! Until I gave another try for Air Arabia in May 2014. Finally I was selected by the largest Low Cost Carrier in the Middle East. Now I am turning 2 years in June with this company and I am still happy and proud that I have made it through after 7 years of waiting for my dream to come true. What I have learned along the road is, don’t just dream, make it happen. Dreams won’t happen without perseverance and determination. So if you think that you’ve been waiting for too long to get to the front line, think about other people who have been waiting for their turn longer than you and yet, they don’t gripe. Rather, they find a solution to persuade themselves to stay.